Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not sure who to study with? Learn more about the Vincent Chase Workshop, located in Hollywood.


The Vincent Chase Workshop currently has 3 programs available to suit your individual needs.

PROGRAM #1: FULL TIME. (Most of our students fall under this category.)

This includes:

A) Two regular small size weekly classes (8-10 maximum) with active participation, Mon and Thurs. evening from 7:30-10:30 PM. Explores all aspects of stage and IN PARTICULAR, film techniques needed to master the art and craft of the industry. It also includes mastering the SALESMAN techniques so necessary for dealing with the trials and tribulations so often encountered in show Biz.

B) A special weekly class focusing on the VC Workshop Trigger/Want techniques, which are so vital in mastering the moment—to—moment reality and dynamic progression that great acting requires, and helps immeasurably in learning those lines. This class is required for all new students until the process is mastered, whereupon further attendance in that PARTICULAR CLASS IS VOLUNTARY. Class time: Tuesday evening 7:30-10:30.

Also available TO ALL FULL-TIME STUDENTS during regular workshop hours ONLY (3PM-10:30 PM weekdays )– PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. For any problem the student feels he may need extra work i.e. preparing an upcoming role, auditioning for stage, film, commercials, specific individual needs in such areas as Voice Production, mastering or removing dialects , etc.

The Current fee for the full time program is $300.00 per month.
This amount may be adjusted but not without reasonable prior notification.


Students wishing to use the workshop ONLY for private coaching for purposes as listed in C above may do so upon request, during the same listed regular workshop hours.

For this category, Tuition requires a $200.oo advance deposit. At the end of that month, the student is billed at $60.00 per class and his next month’s bill is based on keeping his balance up to that $200.00 advance. At any time that the student wants to stop the program, he may inform the office and his account will be adjusted accordingly.


Special one-time private coaching for needs as listed above, tuition for such a program necessitating only one or two classes at best is $100.00 per class.


FILM AND STAGE TECHNIQUE: Explores all aspects of film and stage acting and in particular, film techniques needed to master the art and craft of the industry. Covered lessons: Scene study, Cold Reading, Improv, and Voice & Speech. We also focus on mastering the salesmanship techniques so vital to selling and branding yourself within this industry.
Offered each Monday and Thursday evening from 7:30-10:30pm.

TRIGGER TECHNIQUE: What is a trigger? They are unique moments that exist within all scenes that help you to create more believable responses. This is a special weekly class focusing on learning these Trigger/Want techniques. Helps immeasurably in learning those lines, too! *This class is required for all new students until the process is mastered, whereupon further attendance in this class is voluntary.
Offered each Tuesday evening from 7:30 -10:00pm.

From beginning to experienced actors, Vincent Chase Workshop offers acting lessons to those in the West Hollywood, CA region looking to improve their acting ability. If you need an acting coach, I am the person to see.

Please remember:


THANK YOU, and if you are interested in proceeding further, please call us at 323-450-9424, and leave your number or Email and we will respond promptly.

7) Please replace the current VOCAL COACH page pic of the guy/girl with the attached picture named "2".

Also, please replace the current text under VOCAL COACHING with the following:

No, we’re not a singing class! However there are specific areas in which actors should explore and correct any vocal qualities that inhibit in any way their hiring potential. Keep in mind, your voice identifies YOU in many ways, and is a major part of the psycho/physical link you project to your audience. It’s a vital part of the subtextual projection of who you are. Think voices—Marilyn Monroe, James Earl Jones—how much do their voices tell you in terms of this! Thus it behooves you to make sure you present the most 'commerciable' aspect at your disposal.

What does this involve? At the Vincent Chase Workshop we’re prepared to help you in the following areas:

1) Vocal production:
Many athlete’s training practices involves putting inadvertent pressures on the vocal instrument that inhibit its tone and power and raises the median note around which we all speak to an unacceptable high. Many ladies, otherwise the picture of grace and beauty lose much of it because the excessive nasality in their voices disrupts the whole image. We can help you fix this.

2) Dialect/accent production:
Do you have an accent that limits your acting range? Enable yourself to master the basic American film standard that is most of what is in use on our shows. Don’t fall back on the old panic button “but I’ll lose my personality!” That’s bull. If your personality hinges on your dialect you’re in more trouble than you think!

Conversely, do you need to master a specific accent for a specific role? The Vincent Chase Workshop can help you here as well and, should you be interested, teach you enough on the international phonetic alphabet that you can do much of the process on your own.

Again, call us if you feel you need help on any of this at (323) 450-9424.

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