Thursday, January 13, 2011


                The workshop has generally depended on industry referrals. Your 
starting level in the field, however, isn’t a major factor. My job is to teach 
you wherever you start and not to limit my choices only to those of you who are 
already well established so that your name will look good on my resume. In this 
I guess I’m like the aforementioned Dick Clayton and Ed Limota in that I enjoy 
the challenge of starting from scratch. The industry referral bit is because 1. 
I’m lazy and 2.  when I started,  aggressive publicity was looked at with the 
same disgust and scorn as breaking wind in church, and 3. If, after the 
sanctimonious assurances of how bad you want it and how hard you’ll work, you 
start screwing up, I have someone I could turn you in to. 

                However, the image you represent on the phone and coming in to 
meet me are truly of paramount importance. It is why I urge you to come in to 
audit a class before you make up your mind, and why, when you do, I have you 
participate actively in that class. We coaches can and do bullshit on the phone 
and in office meetings. You need to see if that teacher’s CLASSROOM methods are 
what’s best for you, and it gives the teacher a chance to see where you stand 
and what is the best way to start you on your learning process. 


                The workshop recently moved and Vincent Chase is currently 
serving as the sole instructor.This may change by the end of the current year. 
However the schedule presently has 5 classes and 15 Private coaching sessions 
available each week to every regular student, this being based on VC’ belief it 
is vital to be an active player  and not merely fan.
                The classes are small, usually a maximum of 8, with 3-6 being 
normal. This allows each student to participate actively in each class he 
attends. Attached is a current weekly schedule showing the regular class times 
and those hours when the student my request a one- - one private session. It 
also designbataaes those hours (MORNINGS, LATE EVENINGS, WEEKENDS AND, 
CURRENTLY, WEDNESDAYS)  when VC is only available for emergency sessions at a 
higher fee.
                These privates in terms of regular students are designated 
mainly for specific work in preparing a role, readying for an interview or 
audition, for voice and speech needs ( do you need to learn or eliminate an 
accent or dialect?  Are you one of those ab fanatics whose workouts have left 
your voice 5 notes higher and thinner than it should be? Does misplaced nasality 
make you sound like The Nanny? ) and for any personal help you might need on 
areas presented in class  but on which you might believe you need more 
                In terms of these areas, students unable or unwilling to work in 
a class format however small may opt for private coaching ONLY for the same 
needs at a different price. HOWEVER I strongly recommend that a privates -only 
student doesn’t choose  to learn acting from scratch with his coach as teacher 
AND  partner. While this works fine on specific assignments it tends to inhibit 
the student from the necessary Letting Go he must achieve as the character 
because he knows he’s being judged at the same time as an actor by his coach. 
It’s the same process that makes so many of us inhibited about doing scenes in 
class and dreading going on auditions: we hate to be judged! Balance the special 
attention you may feel you need with the freedom of a class structure where 
you’re free to make mistakes

About Vince

 U. Mass.  : BA and BA in Theater and Education
USAF : Head of Special Services Units  at Tinker AFB and Cherry Hill AFB in 
OklahomaaLAN Campbell, Keith Campbell, Kim Carnes
Pasadena Playhouse: Student and teacher
                Directed among others Ruth Buzzi, Dustin Hoffman, Henry Darrow
Resident acting coach for MGM for  7 years
Resident acting coach for Universal Studios for 3 years 
Since then, free lance acting, speech  and dialect coach in Hollywood  and on 
the road for various film and TV shows
Recently, acting coach and trainer for Abercrombie Fitch productions both for 
print and film
In  release: Documentary relating start of Entourage and in production, 
documentary on Vincent Chase
PROFESSION…AND ME”, Book is edited and now being prepared for publication by 
Bruce Weber  and Abercrombie Fitch, due out in 2011.
                                PARTIAL STUDENT  LIST
 Jake Abel ,Maud  Adams Rob Adamson, Keith Allison ,David Alpay, Barbara 
Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Appolonia,Scott Austin
                Mary Badham, Sally Baker, Brenda Bakke, Ben Barnes (Lt. . Gov.  
of Texas), Peter Barton, Frank Beddor,  Alphonso Bell, Joel Beeson, Crystal 
Bernard, Robin Bernard, Kevin Bernhardt, Corbin Bernson ,Daniela Bianchi, 
Michael Biehn,  Steve Bond, Ron Booth, Jordan Brady, James Brolin , Randi 
Brooks, Rebecca Broussard, Reb Brown, Bruce Bruce, John Buchanan, Red Buttons, 
Ruth Buzzi.
                Alan Campbell, Keith Campbell, Kim Carnes, Jim Carrey,   John 
David Carson, Jade Carter, David Cassidy, Patrick Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, 
George Chakiris, Richard Chamberlain, Eric Champnella,, David Charvet, Hank 
Cheyne, David Chokachi, Mark Ciardi, Susan Clark, Brian Patrick Clarke,,Joan 
Collins, Matt Collins,  John Considine, John Cooke, Keith Hirabayashi Cooke, 
John Corbett, 

                Johnny Dark, Doug Davidson, Brad Davis, Berry de May, Michael 
Dudikoff, Fred Durst.
                Josh Evans, Linda Evans
                Vince Ferragamo,Christina Ferrare, Henry Fonda, Harrison Ford, 
Josh Flitter.
                Holly Gagnier, Gina Galllego, Teri Garr, John Gilkey, Tom Green, 
Liza Greer, Robin Greer,  Sasha Grey, Roosevelt Grier, Anthony Griffin, Orion 
Griffin, Debi Gutierez.
                Arsenio Hall, George Hamilton, Mariska Hargitay, Kelly Harmon, 
Mark Harmon, Deborah Harry, David Hartman, Lance Henricksen, Herman’s Hermits, 
Martin Hewitt, Leann Hunley.
                Kathy Ireland
                Al  Jarreau, Richard Jeni, Eric Johnson.    
                Alex Karras, Allen Kayser, Steve Kelley, Jay Kerr, Boyd Kestner, 
Brian Kestner, Bryan Kirkwood, Danny Kirkwood, Heath Kiizzier, Kathy Kuzner.
                Shia LaBoeuf,  Cheryl Ladd, Bert Lahr, Joe Lando, Barbara Leigh, 
Terry Lester, Wendy Liebman, Claudine Longet, Traci Lords, Greg Louganis, Rob 
                Larry Mahan, Lee Majors, Ed Marinaro, Gilles Marini, Chris 
Marlowe, James Marshall, Boyd Mattson, Chris McDonald, Norm McDonald, Ted 
McGinley, Scott Michaelson, Yvette Mimieux,S teve Mittleman, Demi Moore, George 
Morris, Vince Morris, Saleem Muhammed, Pat Muldoon, Maureen Murphy.
                Mindy Naud, Keith Neubert, Trisha Noble, Shelly Novack.
                Betty Okino, Matt O’Leary, Roy Orbison, Catherine Oxenberg, 
Dominic Oliver.
                Bob Paris, Heather Parkhurtst, Tom Parks, Bill Paxton, Ron 
Pearson, Janice Pennington, Joe Penny, George Perez, Robie Porter, Matt Powers.
                Christina Raines, Dack Rambo, Brian Regan, Ernie Reyes Jr., John 
Riggi, Judith Rio, Melody Rogers, Rick Rossovish, Tim Rossoivich, Betsy Russell.
                Bob Saget, Stacy Sanchez, Tom Schanley, David Scheinkoff, Tom 
Selleck, Tom Shadyac, Steven Shellen, John Wesley Shipp, Robin Shou, Kin 
Shriner, Wil Shriner, Ron Silver, Kimberly Sissons, Forry Smith, Ian Smith, 
Shelly Smith, William Smith, Linda Sobek, Rick Springfield, Monique St. Pierre, 
John Stamos, Marcia Strassman, Tisha Sterling, Andrew Stevens, Don Stroud, 
Jeremy Sumpter, Paul Sunderland, Cynthia Sykes, 

                Joe Michael Terry
                Bob Urich
                Paris Vaughn, Jan Michael Vincent.
                Lyle Waggoner, George Wallace, Patrick Wayne, Jim Weatherly, 
Chris Whalley, Vanna White, James Wilder, Harland Williams Jonathan Winfrey, 
Scott Wiper,Karen Witter.